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Manual transmission forklift diesel 3 ton

Short Description:

Manufacturer: Dogon

Rated Capacity: 3 ton/3000 kg

Power Type: Diesel

Transmission Type: Manual

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Dogon manual transmission forklift diesel 3 ton/3,000 kg is an ideal outdoor materials handling equipment. It’s greatly improves the work efficiency with strong power and excellent performance of the manual transmission forklift truck.

Manual transmission forklift 3 ton

Manual Transmission Forklift Description

  • High pressure common rail environmental protection engine.
  • Built-in noise isolating and sealing materials reduce vibration and noise effectively.
  • 80 opening angle of engine hood makes maintenance easier.
  • The engine hood is easy to open.
  • The gas spring with automatic lock function ensures the safety during maintenance.
  • The truck has lower vibration and noise.

manual transmission forklift

3 Ton diesel forklift specification

Model CPC30 CPCD30
Power Type Diesel Diesel
Rated Capacity(kg) 3000 3000
Load Center(mm) 500 500
Driving Mode Sit-on Type  Sit-on Type
Max Traveing Speeds(laden/unladen) 18/19 km/h 19/19 km/h
Lifting Speeds(laden/unladen) 455/480 mm/s 455/480 mm/s
Lowering Speeds(laden/unladen) 450/500 mm/s 450/500 mm/s
Max Draw-bar Pull(laden/unladen) 17.5/13.4 kN 19.5/15.5 kN
Max Gradeability(laden/unladen) 15%/20% 21%/20%
Max Lifting Height(mm) 3000 3000
Mast Height, Lowered(mm) 2070 2070
Mast Height, Extended(mm) 4250 4250
Free Lift(mm) 160 160
Overall Height(overhead guard, mm) 2095 2095
Min. Ground Clearance(mm) 1350 1350
Seat to Overhead Guard(mm) 1000 1000
Traction Coupling Height(mm) 310 310
Backrest Height(from the fork face, mm) 1227 1227
Overall Length(with/without fork, mm) 3750/2680 3750/2680
Wheel base(mm) 1700 1700
Front Overhang(mm) 470 470
Rear Overhang(mm) 510 510
Overall Width(mm) 1225 1225
Tread(front/rear)(mm) 1000/970 1000/970
Distance Across Forks(max/min, mm) 1060/250 1060/250
Min. Turning Radius(external, mm) 2400 2400
Min. Turning Radius(internal, mm) 200 200
Min. Right Angle Aisle Width(mm) 2380 2380
Mast Tilt(deg) 6/12 6/12
Fork Size(mm) 1070×125×45 1070×125×45

Product features

  • 20% reduction in vibration
  • 3dB noise reduction
  • 45% more workspace
  • operator’s field of vision increased by 20%
  • 20% increase in work efficiency
  • Loading capacity increased by more than 5%
  • Stability increased by 5%
  • Reliability increased by 40%
  • Opening angle of the hood increased to 80°

Available Attachment

  • String rod
  • Lifting hook
  • Side shifter
  • Paper roll clamp
  • Rotating fork
  • Cargo boom
  • Lengthening fork
  • Multipurpose drum clamp
  • Rotating flat clamp
  • Widen fork arm carrier
  • Lengthening fork extension
  • Load stabilizer
  • Load push pull
  • Tipping fork, tipping bucket
  • Wide view free-lift mast(two-stage)
  • Wide view free-lift mast(three-stage)

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Manual transmission forklift

About Dogon Forklift

Dogon (China) Group is a dedicated forklift manufacturer in China. Our company has more than 500 employees, including more than 100 professional technicians, and more than 50 senior and intermediate engineers. Our company will continuously keep product advantages with strict QC systems.

Dogon K series diese forklift product pipeline mainly include 3ton forklift and 3.5 ton fork lift truck. Dogon forklift trucks are very popular with high performance, comfortable operation, excellent quality, and reliable working.

Now our mainly produces diesel forklifts, electric forklifts, non-road diesel engines, grass grabbers, loaders, agricultural machinery, etc. All the forklift trucks can be supplied with necessary attachments for different material handling applications. If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact our team, get moare details and a free quotation.



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