Customer Safety Training Service

  1. Daily maintenance of forklift truck
  2. Battery daily maintenance
  3. Safe operation training
  4. Long-term after-sales service

Safety issues before starting a forklift truck

  1. Get permission

Only trained and authorized driver shall be permitted to operate the truck.

  1. Safety protective clothing

Driver must wear a helmet, safety shoes and a working clothes.

  1. Do not operate after drinking

Do not operate the forklift truck when you have tired, drugs or alcohol, mix emotional problems etc.

  1. Check forklift before starting

Before starting the forklift, check the forklift and repair it in time if it is found to be damaged or faulty.

    5. Safety for your place of work 
Forklifts need to be driven on flat roads. Ensure that the working road is free from water, oil, ice and snow and other factors that affect driving safety.

    6. Be aware of noise effects

Excessive peripheral noise can distract the operator and cause fatigue. There is also the risk that warnings to pedestrians and will go unnoticed. Operators must take particular care when using the forklift in noisy environments.