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10 Ton Diesel Forklift for Sale

Short Description:

Porduct Name: Diesel forklift

Manufacturer: Dogon

Rated Capacity: 10,000KG/10.0 ton

Power Type: Diesel

Driving Mode: Sit-on Type



Product Description

  • ln line with the Beijing four standard high pressure common rail environmental protection engine.
  • Built-in noise isolating and sealing materials reduce vibration and noise effectively.
  • 80 opening angle of engine hood makes maintenance easier.
  • The engine hood is easy to open.
  • The gas spring with automatic lock function ensures the safety during maintenance.
  • The truck has lower vibration and noise.

Standard configuration

  • Fork
  • Traction pin
  • Backward buzzer
  • Neutral gear safety switch
  • Overhead guard rain cover
  • Overhead guard
  • Air inletting device
  • Durable tread tyres
  • Widen fork arm carrier

Optional Configuration

  • Driver’s cab
  • Speedometer
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Solid tyre
  • Rear working lamp
  • Auxiliary pipeline
  • Suspension seat
  • Customer make color
  • Transmission oil temperature gauge
  • Warm air blower
  • High air exhausting device
  • Tilt cylinder jacket
  • Smart fleet management system

10 ton diesel forklift for sale

Why choose Dogon Forklift?

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*Have many years of production or foreign trade experience

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* Has its own R&D team

*with ISO & CE certificate, quality guaranteed

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About Dogon Forklift

Dogon(China) Group is always the preferred brand among quality-aware forklift truck drivers and owners. Choose Dogon forklift for perfect operational efficiency, low maintenance costs and long service life. Our K series 3 ton and 3.5 ton forklift for sale are popular in the market.

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